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So, you’ve probably tried every fad diet that’s come along. You’ve started and failed a dozen different exercise programs, perhaps joined several different gyms, but the truth is you just can’t seem to take the weight off (or keep it off). Perhaps you’re even feeling a little disgusted with yourself and your inability to control your eating and your weight. You feel like no matter what you try it’s not going to work.

The SWAT Fuel Biohacking program has been so successful with the Military and SWAT communities that Hollywood actors and musicians are using it to give them the "Superhero" look without the pain of crash diets. 

Let's face it. Nobody likes going to the gym or following a diet. But, if you're doing the work, you want significant results with the least amount of time and effort. You already know that traditional methods don't work because you're set up to fail. 

Big pharmaceutical corporations and the food industry out there want you to be fat and addicted to their products, keeping you unmotivated and unhealthy. You spend your time making their investors rich. And it’s big money business. 

We’re going to teach you some simple things that companies out there don’t want you to hear. 
So what is Biohacking?
In the old days, we used to follow a diet plan or an exercise plan. We're much smarter than that today. We've moved to Biohacking. Think of the human body as a biological computer. How your body interacts with it's surroundings and what you put into it has specific effects on how you feel and look. Most Doctors and dietitians are 20 years behind! 

Stop Dieting and Start Biohacking!
Biohacking Basics
  • Hydration: Hydration with WATER is what counts. You can have unsweetened tea or black, unsweetened coffee if you want to not be fat. Anything with calories will go to fat in the end. Water is necessary to turn a fat molecule into energy. If you don't have enough free water, you can't burn fat!
  •  Alcohol: Unfortunately any alcohol consumption turns into sugar, which turns into fat. Save it for your cheat days!
  • Sleep: Going to bed early and getting up early has been pre-programmed in our species for a million years. Fact: Sleep before midnight is much more restorative than sleep after midnight. In other words, you're fighting the hormone Cortisol, which in turn makes you hungry and store fat. Get to sleep early and start your day earlier.
  • Food: Stay on a low carbohydrate-ketogenic type diet. This is what the human body is meant to run on. Understand that timing of food is also important. The later you eat anything with calories, you won't burn them off and they turn to fat. So, don't eat anything with calories too late in the day. Nobody will stay on a strict diet for ever. You need to know how the things you eat will affect your energy, weight and ability to perform and think. Carbohydrates stimulate insulin and that makes the body store fat. Proteins are used to build muscle and most of the structures in the body. Fats are pure energy, but they should be good fats like olive oil, coconut oil or avocado. Eating as a biohacker, you're simply trying to keep your insulin from pushing things to fat and running on protein and good fats. 
  •  Supplements: Using the right supplements at the right time during your day will help you get to your fitness goal faster or maintain what you have. Supplements also can increase your performance. Make no mistake, Supplements Work! Each herbal ingredient or vitamin or mineral has a specific effect. If you use the right Biohacking Supplements, you're going to Biohack the right code! For fat loss, you want to activate your fat to be used as a fuel source. When combined with a ketogenic diet, you will run on your own body fat and NOT BE HUNGRY! If you're not using the right supplements, you're doing it the hard way! Like everything else, you get what you pay for. Good food and good supplements are not cheap, but they will be reasonably priced for what you're getting. If you're paying bottom dollar, that's the quality you'll get and you should be suspicious of what is actually in the product. Make sure that if you're using supplements that they are QUALITY products formulated by an MD or PhD, not a "garage chemist." A fitness guru with no scientific background making supplements is a Recipe for Disaster!
  •  Medication: Medications interact with your metabolism and in many ways can slow down or impair the normal processes your body has. Some of them can help.  
  •  Exercise: Regular exercise 3-5 days per week is the goal, but during weight loss, unless you're on a ketogenic diet, will make you HUNGRY. People fall off their diet regimen frequently because of this. Remember: YOU LOSE WEIGHT AT THE TABLE AND GAIN MUSCLE IN THE GYM! Supplementation with the right herbs will curb your appetite and stabilize your glucose, as well as give you the energy to work out. Watch your hunger level when your exercising and trying to lose weight! If you need to, back off the intensity before you fall off your diet! 
  •  Hormone Replacement Therapy: Be smart and get your yearly checkup and test your hormones if you're over 30. The two biggies are Testosterone (For both MEN AND WOMEN!) and Thyroid. Both tend to decline with time. Testosterone helps your bones and muscles, as well as sexual performance for everyone. Thyroid is your body's thermostat. If it's low, your metabolism will be low. If you optimize your thyroid hormone (T3 in particular), you will have more energy and weight management will be much easier! 
SWAT Fuel's Creator Dan Olesnicky, MD with 
Eric The Trainer at the SECRET
 ETT Mecca in Hollywood, CA.
To everyone at SWAT Fuel,

I'm 50 years old and besides being an ex-international jockey, I also run a farm in Bernardsville, NJ. While enjoying a successful career , I always enjoyed the degree of fitness that us jockey reach with that extreme lifestyle ,but afterwards it got much tougher to keep that fit body shape.

Today With my interests in extreme long-range mountain sheep and goat hunting, I took on and also welcomed my goal to push myself to gain back that fit body shape needed for that sort of hunting.

Since we have tough hills on the farm, I train right here, year round. Working a farm means also been exposed to extreme heat and cold weather year round. I have reach a plateau in my workouts, but after starting to use 60 days ago, Swat fuel 9mm fat burning formula not only gives me energy all day on the farm, but I have also the energy to stick to my rugged wilderness fitness schedule while my body shape has gained much more muscle definition.

Thank you to provide us a great product.

International JockeyI use SWAT Fuel supplements every day!
International Jockey
Adventure Hunter
I had reached a plateau in my weight loss with the Keto Diet and had trouble moving beyond. Then, I started SWAT Fuel 9mm Fat Burn Formula and started shedding the pounds again. 

On the 9mm Fat burn Formula I lost over 100 pounds!

I'm a believer!

Thanks for this great product!

Viga Hall
Outdoor Channel Executive
- Viga Hall
Outdoor Channel Executive

After having tried a couple other fat burners and seeing results that were not up to my expectations, I decided to try this one and I have been incredibly happy with the results thus far. 

I started to use this one after a bulking phase and I can see and feel a difference in how this one is working. Within 5 weeks i added 20 lbs while bulking, now its time to cut. I began to use Swat Fuel 9mm and i can honestly say this stuff does what it says. 

I feel energetic in the gym and throughout the day. This stuff works!!!

Active Duty Navy Seal - Southern California
- Anonymous
Active Duty Navy Seal
Southern California
Why Biohack with the SWAT Fuel 9mm Fat Burn Formula?  
  • Problem 1: You lose weight at the table and you gain muscle at the gym. 
  •  Solution 1: Pick a reasonable diet you can follow. Get off of sweets, alcohol and minimize your carbs, especially later in the day. Maximize good fats, protein and green leafy vegetables. NO Calories after 7 PM! The right biohacking fat burn supplement keeps you from getting hungry and allows you to use fat more easily, which prevents snacking!
  • Problem 2: It's hard to shrink and grow at the same time. 
  •  Solution 2: You really can't grow muscle and lean out at the same time. You need to focus on one or the other. When you're in the gym and you work out hard, you get hungrier and you tend to eat more. This is why many people fail on their diets. The SWAT Fuel 9mm Fat Burn Formula helps curb your appetite and gives you the energy to work out and face your day. If you're not in the gym, it still works the same way.  9mm Fat Burn Formula accelerates your weight loss and keeps you on your diet longer without falling off the wagon. Make sure you have a "Cheat Day" every 2 weeks and get it out of your system. This allows you to maintain focus long term. 
  • Problem 3: When you're dieting, your metabolism slows down. 
  •  Solution 3: At some point, your body will get stuck in a plateau. It's just how your body is designed to survive famine. As a Biohacker, use one or two cheat days in a row to fool your metabolism and use 9mm Fat Burn Formula every day when you're dieting to help you access fat as a fuel source. It's a great plateau buster and gives you energy when your body wants to shut down. 
When I'm not on the road, I like to train in the gym and I use SWAT Fuel supplements so I can get out of bed every day and kick ass in the gym.

We lift, we train boxing, we train Jiu Jitsu, we train hard and we need SWAT Fuel to keep up the pace.

I use SWAT Fuel supplements every day!
- Mike Kroeger
If you're not watching your diet and using the right supplements, you're fooling yourself. I'm and actor and stuntman by trade. I've worked on films such as The Dark Knight Rises and Avengers Infinity War. 

If you're looking for a safe, predictable and successful weight los supplement, I use SWAT Fuel 9mm.

I start off my day with SWAT Fuel and I'm ready to go!
- John Nania
Professional Stuntman/Actor
Avengers Infinity War
The Dark Knight Rises
Pirates of the Carribean
47 Ronin
As an actor for 50 years now, I need to look great and feel great. 

I have 8 films coming out in 2019 and I need to have the energy and body to make more films. 

SWAT Fuel is what I use to stay healthy and fit. 
- Udo Kier
Andy Wahrol's Frankenstein
Call of Duty WWII
9MM Fat Burn Formula
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